Ed Sheerhan blows out our candles at Mallorca Rocks’ 4th Birthday Party

Ooh what a night

For the first time in a long time it seemed there were as many Mallorca residents at a Rocks’ gig as there were visitors. Even comedian John Bishop and footballer Jamie Redknapp are rumoured to have rocked up to share the fun.

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After the sad announcement last week that 2014 will be the last season for Mallorca Rocks you might have thought that Tuesday night’s concert would be a quiet affair. Not at all: the fourth (and final) birthday party for Mallorca Rocks was packed out: in fact it’s been a long time since I have seen as many local residents as visitors at a gig, but obviously Ed Sheerhan was just too big a temptation. Ed, who has been flying high in the charts with the release of his new album “X”, took to the Magaluf stage with just a couple of guitars, some remote controlled cameras and a beat box on which he recorded live his looped percussion and rhythms as backing tracks. It seems risky: just one bloke in front of a 6000 strong audience, but Ed performed every one of his hits beautifully. He’s been quoted as saying “When I perform live, it feels like I am meditating,” and he certainly took the crowd to another level on Tuesday evening. Ed’s not shy to ask some odd things of his audience either: “if you’re feeling hot out here in Spain take off your shirt and swing it round your head!” which many dutifully obliged by doing. One of my favourite moments was his performance of “You need me, I don’t need you” which had a certain poignancy given last weeks’ announcement.

Next up will be Rudimental, who are described as “one of the best live acts on the planet”- They debuted at Mallorca Rocks in 2012 and subsequently hit the big time, and this gig is being touted as one of the seminal moments of the summer. Can’t wait to see if they can follow Ed Sheerhan’s one man achievement. Tickets at www.mallorcarocks.com and see more images at www.phoenixmediamallorca.com






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